The Palm House


   To see the first palm house in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province you need to come to… us. Its exotic climate is essentially created by tropical plants and birds. The Palm House is a favourite stop for strollers who can find here peace and comfort.

    There are a number of popular plant species in the Palm House, such as yucca, ficus (the fig tree), dracaena, orpalms: Washingtonia, Chamaerops, Phoenix, Trachycarpus, Howea (Kentia) and Sabal. We are especially proud to note that a Queen of the Night, a plant whose flowers can be admired only for a few hours in a year, bloomed in our Palm House. Our visitors also enjoy the sight of Cycas revoluta, Strelitzia augusta, Strelizia reginae (the Bird of Paradise) and magnificent symbols of American deserts, such as Echinopsis pasacana, Pachycereus pringlei and Cereus peruvianus f. monstruosus. We have recently grown the first fruit on a lemon tree. Other decorative plants include more than five-metre tall bamboos and banana trees. 

     Inside the Palm House, there is a charming water hole with goldfish admired by kiddies, and a small aviary hidden among the plants and populated by zebra finches and Java sparrows, filling the air with exceptional trills. 


More pictures of the Palm House HERE